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Granatic Flat Rock

Three Rivers has a unique chance to protect a one-of-a-kind, huge, rare granitic flat rock, unlike anything else in our region. This flat rock possesses several species of rare plant including elf orpine, single-flowered sandwort, and flatrock panic grass. The property is 20 acres, located in Anson County. The North Carolina Plant Conservation Program would like to own and manage the site for the protection of the rare plants and unique natural community. There is an expected price of $41,000. To make a contribution to this unique site, mark your donation as going to Anson County Flat Rock.

20 Acres

Anson County

Rare Plants on Property

Including elf-orpine, single-flowered sandwort, and flatrock panic grass

Eastwood Connector


This unique property connects two disjunct portions of the Plant Conservation Program’s Eastwood Preserve in Moore County. The Eastwood Preserve protects the rare Sandhills lily, along with several other unique plants, including pitcher plants and yellow fringed orchids. This property is approximately 55 acres and has some mature longleaf pine and some young longleaf pine, along with two drainages which are perfect habitat for the Sandhills lily. Though the lily has not been located on this property to date, it is own both adjoining tracts owned by PCP. The site is also likely home to pine snakes and coachwhip snakes, and possibly Southern hognose snakes. When purchased, the NC Plant Conservation Program would add this to its Eastwood Preserve, making prescribed fire management much easier (a required land management tool for persistence of the rare plants and habitable ecosystems). The expected purchase price of $550,000. To make a contribution to this acquisition, mark your donation as going to Eastwood Connector.

55 Acres

Moore County

Protects Plant Habitat

Property protects the Sandhills lily habitat

Rocky River Passive Park

We are seeking funds for the purchase of 110 acres on the Rocky River near the town of Midland in Cabarrus County, North Carolina. This property is located near Reed Gold Mine State Historic Site. We hope to partner with a local county or city municipality to make this property into a passive park, with camping and canoe and kayak river access for the local community and tourists and recreationists who visit this area. This is a portion of our region that is experience extreme development pressure from the neighboring cities of Concord and Charlotte. Opportunities like the acquisition of this tract are few and far between. We have obtained a grant from the NC Land and Water Fund for partial purchase of the tract, but will need private donations to match that request. To make a contribution towards this project, mark your donation as going towards the “Rock River Passive Park.”

110 Acres

Cabarrus County

Located on the Rocky River

Near Reed Gold Mine State Historic Site

Little River Acquisition


We are seeking funds to assist with the acquisition of 440-acres on the Little River in Montgomery County. The property adjoins USFS land. Little River Buffer and Cliffs natural area is located on the property with a rating of High. Piedmont Basic Glade, Piedmont Coastal Plain Heath Bluff, Villosa delumbis, Carolina redhorse, Villosa vaughaniana, Carolina Darter, Lampsilis radiata, Stewartia ovata, Villosa delumbis, Alasmidonta varicosa, Villosa constricta are natural heritage elements found on the property and in the river alongside the property. Mountain camellia is known to exist on the property. Over 42,600 feet of streamfrontage on tributaries to the Little River and the Little River itself are found on the property. Both private funds and NCLWF grant funds have been received for this property, but additional donations are still being accepted. Please mark your donation as going toward the Little River Acquisition.

440 Acres

Montgomery County

Over 42,600 feet of streamfrontage

Tributaries to the Little River & the Little River itself are on this property



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