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Hunters and anglers were among the first to crusade for wildlife protection and remain some of today’s most important conservation leaders. Recognizing the importance of North Carolina’s hunting heritage, Three Rivers Land Trust has developed an initiative to connect sportsman and sportswomen to local conservation: the Sportsman Access Program. 

Since the spring of 2017, TRLT’s Sportsman Access Program (SAP) has allowed SAP members to access TRLT-owned property for hunting. This permit draw system, much like the permit system used by many state wildlife agencies, allows SAP members to select specific dates for a chance to hunt dove, deer, waterfowl and turkey on TRLT-owned property. When a member is drawn, they acquire private hunting access on a designated section of Land Trust-owned property for up to a week. Dues garnered from sportsman memberships will be utilized for conservation funding.

Success Stories

Read first-hand accounts of successful hunts on our conserved properties, straight from our SAP members.

Our Properties

We have opportunities to hunt a wide variety of game species in Davie, Rowan, Montgomery, and Moore Counties.


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