Habitat enhancement lands Program 

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Each property is unique, which means you need a unique management plan. To learn more about what a management plan is, and how TRLT can make you a custom plan, visit our “What is a Management Plan?” page!

Food Plots

Do you want to increase wildlife viewing or hunting opportunities? Or increase available food resources for your species of choice? Food plots do not replace holistic habitat management practices but can be complementary to them when appropriately planted.

Chinese privet infestation before treatment

Non-Native Plant Control

Non-native plants can quickly move in and take over a property, and can present a landowner with many challenges. Avoid causing great detriments to natural resource communities by controlling the non-native plant species.

Same area after treatment

Geospatial Services and Mapping

Are you looking for a gift to get someone who already has everything? Do you need a map of your roads, trails, and deer stand sites to make better hunting decisions? Or do you want acreage delineation of vegetation types on your property to make better land management decisions? If so, a printed map may be the next step in furthering your property goals. TRLT now offers customizable mapping services to meet your needs.

Prescribed Fire

Prescribed fire is a management tool that is used to set back plant succession, perpetuate fire-dependent species, reduce wildfire risk, site prepare forest regeneration, and improve habitat quality for certain species. Prescribed fire can greatly improve cover for nesting and brooding turkeys, increase food resources for white-tailed deer, improve fawning cover for deer, amongst many other benefits. 

Before: Field has little to no food or cover resources

Field Management

Many open areas are not being managed to their full potential. Field management can be one of the best ways to improve food and cover resources for many wildlife species.

After: Field covered in partridge pea, blackberry, pokeweed, ragweed; all of which provide excellent food and cover for many wildlife species

Forest Management

Forest stand improvement can be one of the most efficient ways to increase food and cover resources for many wildlife species. 

Technical Advice and Guidance

Plant Identification: Are you interested in learning more about the features or plants growing on your property? Three Rivers Land Trust can walk your property with you to identify the common plants that can be found on your property. Being able to identify what is growing on your property can be one of the most rewarding parts of owning land. Understanding the value, or lack thereof is necessary to unlocking the potential on your property.

Cost-share Assistance: Sound management advice and implementation often isn’t free. However, Three Rivers Land Trust is dedicated to ensuring landowners get the assistance they need. Cost-share programs are available for many landowners and Three Rivers can help landowners navigate these processes to reduce management costs.



Email Conservation Lands Manager, Katie Stovall, at katie@trlt.org or call our office at (704)647-0302 for more information.