May 25, 2021

Three Rivers Land Trust is excited to announce the permanent conservation of 202 acres of farmland located in Randolph County. The farm, owned by Lloyd and Tami Roberts, is a first-generation, family owned and operated beef cattle farm. When reflecting on the farm and Roberts Farm Store, where Roberts Farm-raised beef and other local goods are sold in Denton, NC, wife and owner Tami Roberts made her mission known. “Growing up, I always wanted to have a farm,” Tami expressed. “I want it to stay that way so my kids can go out on the back porch and look over the land and see the same thing.”

Tami’s wish was granted through the completion of this all hands-on deck conservation project. Three Rivers Land Trust worked with Randolph Soil and Water to ensure the project would succeed. Randy Freeman, the Soil and Water Engineer for Randolph County stated, “This was the first venture the local district has had for farm conservation easements. We are always looking for anything we can do to help out local farmers, conserve farmland, and be of assistance to our county.”

“Farmland preservation has been a focus of Three Rivers Land Trust since the beginning,” declared Director of Conservation Crystal Cockman. “NC has the second highest amount of farmland loss out of all 50 states- we want to change that, and this puts us one step closer. Each project makes a difference and this one is no exception.”

The primary purpose of the conservation easement is to keep land in agriculture and to protect the land from permanent development, allowing generations of kids to be able to look out from the back porch and see the same view as they would today.

This conservation easement was made possible by the North Carolina Agricultural Development and Farmland Preservation (ADFP) Trust Fund and the USDA Agricultural Conservation Easement Program (ACEP), who provided partial funding for the conservation easements on Roberts Farm.

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