Another site to come under permanent protection in 2001 is an immaculate twenty- two- acre tract of land placed under conservation easement by its caring owner, Bobby Sheets. Mr. Sheets, who has been a resident of Davie county his entire life, has always been a conservation- minded individual and a freelance ecologist.  The property plays host to four historic structures including a family home place and outbuildings, all built in the later nineteenth and early twentieth Centuries. Notably, Mr. Sheets has single- handedly and painstakingly spent the last six years restoring the various structures. These facilities truly are remarkable and words alone cannot do them justice.

Additionally, Mr. Sheets has created a unique garden on the site housing a wie array of unique native trees and shrubs. Some species on site include: Fothergilla, Bottlebrush Buckeye, Flowering Ash, Paw Paw, magnolias, Oaks, Hydrangeas,Mountain Laurel, Cyrilla, Azaleas, Stewartia, and many, many more.

We certainly hope he is successful. Lastly, we are proud to welcome Mr. Sheets abroad as our most recent addition to our Land Ambassador Program. With his combined excitement for conservation and the environment, we know Mr. Sheets will be an excellent spokesperson for the cause.