In April the LandTrust for Central North Carolina completed the Scott Shaver Farm Conservation Easement donation. The easement, donated by Joseph “Scott” Shaver of Salisbury, permanently conserves a 165-acre working farm in northern Rowan County. The conservation easement will protect farmland, including areas of “prime soils” and soils classified as “farmland of statewide importance.” Other conservation values include water quality protection, through creation of a permanent buffer on approximately 2,100 feet along Deals Creek, a tributary that feeds into the South Yadkin just north of the City of Salisbury’s water intake, and wildlife habitat protection in a forested corridor along the creek.

North Carolina’s Clean Water Management Trust Fund assisted in the conservation easement donation through a $15,000 grant that helped offset transaction costs for both The LandTrust and the landowner.

“The Scott Shaver Farm Conservation Easement is a perfect example of the partnership that can exist between a conservationminded landowner, a local land trust, and the State of North Carolina,” says Andrew Waters, Operations Director at The LandTrust who was the project manager for the easement donation. “Scott came to us with a goal of permanently conserving his farm. Thanks to his patience and flexibility, we were able to take advantage of the Clean Water Management Trust Fund’s mini-grant program to pay transaction expenses that otherwise would have been paid by either Scott or LandTrust donors.”

Waters notes the conservation easement donation took over two years to complete. “Scott first came to us in early 2007. Over the following two years we worked together to pursue grant opportunities and carefully craft a solid, working farm conservation agreement. He has been a pleasure to work with and The LandTrust thanks him for his generous contribution.” Many easements take several years to complete, says Waters, because the landowners need to educate themselves about conservation agreements and carefully complete their permanent plans for the property.

With completion of the Scott Shaver Farm conservation easement donation, The LandTrust has permanently conserved over 6,000 acres in Rowan County, either through conservation easement donations, fee simple acquisitions, or assisting other conservation agencies.