The LandTrust is pleased to announce its participation in the establishment of the “Joyce Ann Barber Heritage Forest and Wildlife Perserve” on the Historic Barber Farm in Western Rowan County. This 70 acre mature hardwood forest has been protected with a very restrictive conservation easement that will ensure that the forest remains in a natural state in perpetuity. Rebecca Barber Floyd and Joyce Ann Barber grew up on the historic Barber Farm in the Barber community, and they had previously donated a conservation easement ensuring that their property would not be developed or subdivided in any way. However, the easement did permit commercial forestry operations. Joyce Ann and Rebecca decided they did not want the dense forest to ever be harvested.

When Joyce Ann Barber fell ill in late 2012, Rebecca Barber Floyd decided to move forward with protecting the forest in honor of her sister. Rebecca recounts, “Joyce Ann loved this farm so much, and she loved animals. She wanted to ensure that not only the farm, but also the forest, would continue to exist for future generations to get the same pleasure out of it that she had experienced.” Charles Floyd, husband of Rebecca and brother-in-law of Joyce Ann, noted “While the forest is really beautiful today, in 100 years, it will really be something unique in the state. I am really proud of Becky for her vision in making this commitment.”