Sportsmen Success Stories

Thanks for the opportunity to hunt the Point Property. Took a 22lb Tom with 1-1/4″ spurs and 11″ beard on my draw hunt. Turkey hunting was as awesome as anywhere I’ve been blessed to chase them. I will be putting in for these hunts again next year.

Lloyd Rigdon

Block 4 of The Point

Great typical 9-point harvested by Jesse F. on SAP property.
Muzzleloader season 2017

The sportsman program is a great program. Gives you the opportunity to hunt if you don’t have a place or like our situation gives you a different place to go. My wife and I joined and you are able to put in on drawings for properties and seasons and weeks together. This was great since we enjoy hunting together and your not out there by yourself. We put in for turkey and had about 3-4 gobblers gobbling every day. We came up short but was close to harvesting one a couple times. And saw several deer. We put in for the point area and it was a beautiful place and there are several sections there, but you have a big section just to yourself for a week. Then in January we got drawn for duck hunting on different parts of the point, back to back weeks. So we will see how that goes.  I’m glad we have this program to help conserve places to be able to hunt. Thank you Land Trust.
Brooks Long

Sportsman Member

As a 22 yr. military veteran, I have moved several times, never in one place long enough to truly appreciate the bounty that nature provides. Only after establishing roots here in in NC, have I really had an opportunity to explore the wonderful diverse, environment of the Tar Heel state. Upon learning about the Land Trust & its efforts, I knew it was an organization I could support wholeheartedly. Its mission to work thoughtfully with property owners to preserve our lands is a noble cause. Unfortunately, the natural environment seems to be disappearing to encroachment by the day. I take every opportunity to take in the gift of God’s reward & preserve it for the next generation.

My family & I have taken several opportunities to visit various parks & waterways, always thankful for the scenery. The Sportsman access program seemed like a good first step. I have only been part of the sportsman program for 7 months but I have enjoyed it immensely. As an amateur hunter, I have unfortunately not had the opportunity to harvest a deer yet but thanks to the sportsman access program & the Land Trust staff, I look forward to the seasonal challenge & excitement that I know will come with a successful hunt. I hope to get my 11 year old son out to the Two Rivers Preserve soon.

I have been impressed with the way The Land Trust & its partners work with governments, businesses and other groups to accomplish the moral goal of protecting our natural environment. I am proud to be a member. My family & I fully believe in your stated mission “If we expect to enjoy the rural landscapes and natural areas of Central North Carolina in the future, we must act now to conserve them.”

My family & I look forward to doing our part through advocacy, patronage & volunteerism.

Thank you again for all you do!

The Killoran Family

Sportsman Members

I first learned of Three Rivers Land Trust, while volunteering at a handicap deer hunt in December 2016.  Mikey Nye Fulk was there with a tent set-up for information about the Trust.  I was not aware of the LandTrust prior to speaking with her.  After her presentation, and a little background research, I joined the Sportsman Access Program.  I spoke with employees of the Land Trust several times and met them at the Low Water Bridge (Montgomery County) property to help with property maintenance and trash pick-up.  Then, I was selected for a week of turkey hunting at the Low Water Bridge property.  I saw a lot of turkey sign, heard birds gobbling, but didn’t bring any in close enough for a shot. 

This fall, I was fortunate to be selected (via lottery) for multiple weeks at the same Low Water Bridge property for deer season.  This was a challenging, but very rewarding hunt.  I harvested a 5 ½ year old monster 11 point with my muzzleloader, which scored 145 3/8 gross (my biggest deer in my 58 young years).  The next week, I harvested another mature, heavy horned 8 point.  The Sportsman Access Program is an excellent program which may grant you access to some prime hunting land. 

But, most of all, through my experience with The Land Trust, I have gained new friends.  I have always heard that great employees make for a great company/agency.  Well….. this is why the Land Trust has continued to grow and expand.  I have come to respect the folks working for the Land Trust and their passion for its mission is glaringly obvious.  Being a lifelong residence of central NC (and an avid outdoorsman) I am thrilled to support the Land Trust’s mission to conserve these large natural areas

Tim Goodman

Sportsman Members



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