Sportsman Rules

How Does the Access Program Work?

  • The Sportsman Access Program is a permit draw system based on tiered membership enrollment.
  • All memberships are on an annual basis.
  • Members are given a list of dates and put in for the dates they wish to hunt during their annual membership.
  • There are no guaranteed hunts, and hunters are putting in for an opportunity to be drawn.
  • Three random Permit Draws per year will be conducted:
    March (drawing for April-August dates)
    August (drawing for September-October dates)
    October (drawing for November-March dates)
  • Hunts are issued in week-long blocks (Sundays are designated as ‘scouting-only’ days). Land Trust properties are divided into equitable hunting units to ensure safe, quality hunts. Depending on the species hunted, there may be more or less units available to draw.
  • The Land Trust randomly draws winners from the pool of enrolled members.
    Sportsman Members are allowed to bring one youth hunter, 15 and under, with the purchase of a Leopold Society Youth Membership ($15)
  • If selected for a hunt, members will be provided with a detailed map of the property, specific rules for the hunt, and an access permission pass valid for the dates selected.
  • All members must possess a valid NC hunting license.
  • Specified parking areas are designated. All access will be walk in only.
  • No permanent stands are permitted.
  • No baiting is allowed.
  • No dog hunting is allowed except during migratory bird hunting (dove and waterfowl).
  • Hunters are only allowed to hunt the assigned hunting units.
  • Sportsman members will be the only individuals hunting on their block during their week. However, some blocks are subject to agricultural practices and easement monitoring so farmers and other non-hunting individuals may be conducting occasional work on SAP blocks during the week.
  • Hunting with a partner(s) (maximum of 3 in a party) is permitted as long as all individuals are SAP members and sign up for the same blocks/dates.



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