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Conservation Days at Cedar Grove Retreat

The Leopold Society has been heating up as summer quickly approaches. From the beginning, a core objective of the Leopold Society has been to ‘get outside.” In the past two weeks Three Rivers Land Trust has accomplished that objective. On May 4th, middle school students from Salisbury Academy and Sacred Heart Catholic School attended the Land Trust’s Middle School Conservation Day at Cedar Grove Retreat. On May 16th, high school students from Salisbury High and Independence High gathered for their High School Conservation Day. In total, nearly 150 students from the central Piedmont escaped the classroom to experience and engage in local conservation.

Sam Parrott, The Land Trust’s Membership and Outreach Associate, said “There is a reason mother nature is often described as the world’s greatest teacher. A lot can be learned in the classroom but the joy found through dirty hands and warm sunlight is something that can’t be mimicked there. I believe that a love and appreciation of the natural world is best developed through immersion and our staff is proud to offer students that opportunity.”

Not only did these students enjoy a day outdoors, but they also fulfilled a Leopold Society passport requirement. “Each member of the Leopold Society receives a Conservation Passport to document their outdoor experiences”, states Michael Nye, The Land Trust’s Membership and Outreach Director. “What is so unique about this program and it’s passport requirements, is the school or individual’s ability to customize their conservation activities based on their interests and current curriculum. Members are also required to complete a community service project centered on conservation. It is through these requirements and service projects that our members genuinely participate in the conservation and protection of NC’s natural resources.”

We would like to extend a special thank you to Lenny Stallings, a Land Trust board member and the founder of Cedar Grove Retreat, for offering his land, staff, and expertise. It is a joy to work alongside partners who share our passion for building the next generation of conservationists.

If you would like to learn more about the Leopold Society or are interested in joining, contact Sam Parrott!

Sam Parrott | Membership and Outreach Associate | | 704-647-0302

*photographs courtesy of The Land Trust and Cedar Grove Retreat



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