Canoe & Kayak Race

Three Rivers Land Trust is excited to announce that Part 2 of our race series will be on the Pee Dee River on September 8th! 

This race will take place on the 8.5 mile stretch of river from Clark’s Creek Access Area (177 Tillery Dam Rd, Mount Gilead, NC) to the Griffin Road Access in the Pee Dee Wildlife Refuge (2211 Griffin Rd, Wadesboro, NC). A recreation flow release will take place on this date as well, so there should be a steady flow of water on the river. 

6:00 am – Participants will drop their boats off at the Clark’s Creek Access Point and then drive their personal vehicle to the Griffin Road Access Point (30 minute drive).

7:15 am – Participants will park their cars and board a shuttle provided by the Land Trust which will take all of the participants back to the Clark’s Creek Starting Point. 

8:00 am – The Race will begin.

Participants will have the option to pay an entry fee of $35 (without a t-shirt) or $50 (with a t-shirt) and must bring their own boat. T-shirts must be ordered by September 4th to ensure you receive your size.

Participants will have the option to pay an entry fee of $35 (without a t-shirt) or $50 (with a t-shirt) and must bring their own boat.

For more information, contact Land Trust staff at 704-647-0302 or

Thanks to everyone who joined us for Part 2 of our Three Rivers Canoe & Kayak Race Series! It was a great 8.5-mile paddle down the beautiful Pee Dee River. Here is a list of completion times:

Kayak Times
Lee Jones 1:20:37
David Montgomery 1:26:02
Nick Sicat 1:30:30
Scott Weaver 1:35:39
Pam Freeman 1:38:53
Dempsey Sellers 1:41:29
Shannon Beamon 1:50:48
Josh Floyd 1:54:22
Mac Rich 2:05:15
James Rich 2:05:15
Belinda Williams 2:06:38
Brian Carney 2:09:22
James Russell 2:15:04
Robert Simons 2:16:28
Clancy Russell 2:16:43
Stacy Mills 2:17:19
Gene Staton 2:17:36
Samesa Goodson 2:19:06
David Mills 2:19:19
Harold Goodson 2:20:08
Bradley Trogden 2:35:18
Tandem Canoe Times
Shawn Turlington & Charlie Swengros 1:25:12
Jeff & Carlean Gobble 1:26:14
Mitch Bollag & Mike Howell 1:55:44
Single Canoe Times
Rusty Miller 1:31:37



Part 1 of our Three Rivers Canoe and Kayak Series was a huge success! Thanks to everyone who came out and paddled the Uwharrie River with us. Here is a list of the completion times:


Kayak Times
Lee Jones 1:04:14
Scott Weaver 1:17:03
Thomas Martin 1:30:26
Pam Freeman 1:33:10
Brian Carney 1:38:21
James Hudson 1:38:31
Shannon Beamon 1:40:49
Luke Privette 1:40:52
James Rich 1:45:39
Bob Simons 2:03:03
David Mills 2:11:26
Samesa Goodson 2:29:10
Hal Goodson 2:29:42
Jeff Greer 2:51:12
Lisa Greer 2:51:42
Tyler Dean 2:55:38
Vincent Donovan 2:55:44
Romaine Brown 2:56:51
Thomas Bowers 3:11:25
Todd Bowers & Junior Bowers 3:11:52
Allison Talley 3:12:01
Canoe Times
Jeff and Carlean Gobble 1:16:34
Aaron Hall & Aaron Libby 1:23:26
Sawyer Russell & Mitch Bollag 1:40:04
Elizabeth Leland and Luke Largess 1:43:28
Heath LuQuire & Matthew Esposito 1:58:04



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