The Leopold Society

Building the Next Generation of Conservationists

Three Rivers Land Trust developed The Leopold Society in response to the increasing alienation of today’s children from nature. The omnipresent “screen culture” that dominates the daily lives of children and teens, from the time they wake up until they go to bed at night, has led to a disconnect with the outdoor world. 

To bridge this gap between youth and the natural world, Three Rivers Land Trust facilitates hands-on activities and projects for 6th-12th graders that are designed to teach conservation techniques, wildlife stewardship, and outdoor skills that they would otherwise miss out on. On a broader scale, our goal is to instill in participants a lifelong appreciation for the outdoors and a sense of social responsibility in conservation issues. Essentially, we aim to develop the next generation of conservationists.

Leopold Society Nature Bingo!

We’ve created two scavenger hunts, one for the Piedmont and one for the Sandhills! Print the cards and circle the things you find – when you get four in a row you can post your completed scorecard on social media with the hashtag #ExploreWithTRLT and we'll give you a...

Three Rivers Land Trust hosts nature hike for Creek Week

Creek Week is a week-long celebration of local waters throughout North Carolina. The Second Annual Rowan Creek Week took place on August 22-29, 2020.  In conjunction with multiple environmental organizations and local municipal departments, Creek Week offers...

Land Trust Partners with Boy Scouts to Plant Trees on Conserved Property

For Immediate Release February 26, 2020 Three Rivers Land Trust’s Leopold Society hosted a tree planting for the boy scouts of Troop 442, based out of Salisbury, on Saturday, February 22nd. Twenty scouts, accompanied by scoutmasters and chaperones, gathered at a...

Garinger High School Attends Conservation Day

On October 24th, Three Rivers Land Trust partnered with Garinger High School’s Outdoor Club through the Land Trust’s Leopold Society to host a “Conservation Day” on a conserved property. The students, led by Aaron Silverman, history teacher at Garinger High School and...

Three Rivers Land Trust Awards Stonewall Jackson Youth Development Center with Grant

On October 29th, Three Rivers Land Trust presented the Horticulture class at Stonewall Jackson Youth Development Center with a $500 grant toward improving their greenhouse and aquaponics system. This grant was made possible through a partnership with Three Rivers Land...



Three Rivers works with schools across our region to enroll students into the Leopold Society. Each school has the opportunity to participate in a hands-on conservation project during the school year, facilitated by Three Rivers Land Trust.


Previous projects include:


  • restoring a longleaf pine forest in Montgomery county
  • planting hardwood trees along the Yadkin river to serve as a riparian buffer zone
  • creating pollinator gardens around schools
  • improving existing greenhouse/aquaponic systems at schools


Leopold Society memberships are $15 for youth participants. Grant opportunities are available to offset these costs and to fund conservation projects.


If you are interested in joining The Leopold Society or getting your child’s school involved, please contact Steely Russell at or 704-647-0302.


We would like to thank the following sponsors for supporting The Leopold Society and the next generation of conservationists!


Fred and Alice Stanback 


Bill and Nancy Stanback 


Peter Hairston


Rotary Club of the Sandhills



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