Spencer Woods Expansion

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This would be a 50-acre addition to an already 53-acre passive park that possesses 2 miles of hiking trails, an observation platform over a pond, and picnic areas. The expansion area will add new trails, as well as connect the park to Grants Creek, which gives the possibility of developing a kayak/canoe access point on the creek, and there is already a take-out location south of there. The expansion would protect Piedmont Alluvial Forest, a rare natural community, as well as a rare plant, Cardamine dissecta (fork-leaved toothwort), which was discovered there by a natural heritage biologist and a land trust staff member this spring. This is the only occurrence of this rare plant in Rowan County. This is a partnership with a local realty company that owns the tract. They have agreed to a bargain sale of 38 acres for $100,000 (the land is worth $200,000 as justified by an appraisal). The Land Trust will also be donating 12 acres we own that connects this new land to Grants Creek.

50 Acres

Would expand an exisiting 53 acre passive park.

Connecting Cooridor

Would connect to Grants Creek and offer new hiking trails and kayak launch



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