Keynote Speakers

Meet Dr. Grant Woods

Dr. Grant Woods was raised in the Ozark Mountains where he learned to hunt and have a passion for deer. He followed that passion and received a master’s and Ph.D. based on his research of bucks using scrapes and rubs. Grant has worked with deer and deer habitat during the past 29 years throughout their range and specializes in habitat improvement and hunting techniques. For the past 10 years Grant has produced GrowingDeer, a weekly, year-round show to assist hunting strategies and habitat management.  

Meet Kip Adams

Kip Adams, a certified wildlife biologist, from Knoxville, Pennsylvania is no stranger to conservation. As a self proclaimed “deer nut”, Adams has found his place as the Chief Conservation Officer for the National Deer Association. He has a bachelor’s degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Science from Penn State University and a master’s in Wildlife from the University of New Hampshire. In addition to his schooling, Kip Adams is also a certified taxidermist. Adams has authored chapters in five books, has given over 500 presentations on deer and habitat management, and has provided whitetail content for numerous television shows.


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