2020 Dove Hunts

Join Three Rivers Land Trust for our 3rd Annual Dove Hunt at the Point Property in Mocksville, NC!  We will be hosting two hunt. One on opening day (September 5th) and one on the following Saturday (September 12th). The opening day hunt will allow for hunting during the entire day while the September 12th hunt will only include a morning hunt with a cutoff time of 12PM. Come out and hunt 50 acres of cut corn and 20 acres of sunflower and buckwheat on our 1400-acre Point Property. 

Due to the circumstances surrounding Covid-19, we will not be providing lunch as we have in the past. Hunters are welcome to pack coolers and eat on the property between the morning and afternoon hunts on opening day, provided that they abide by social distancing guidelines and do not congregate in large groups. Hunters are also permitted to completely leave the property and eat elsewhere before returning for the evening. 

*Registration will open at 10 AM on Tuesday, August 18th*

Opening Day Hunt

Date: Saturday, Sept 5th 

Time: All Day (5:30 AM – 7:30 PM) 

Location: 1483 Point Road in Mocksville, NC 27028

Cost: $125 per adult, $25 per youth (15 & under, must sit with licensed adult) 

Second Saturday Hunt

Date: Saturday, Sept 12th

Time: Morning Only (5:30AM-12PM)

Location: 1483 Point Road in Mocksville, NC 27028

Cost: $75 per adult, $15 per youth (15 & under, must sit with licensed adult)


Tickets to this event will only be refunded if we cancel the hunt. We cannot control the weather or the migratory pattern of mourning doves.   

2020 Dove Hunt Rules

  1. All firearms must be unloaded until 6:23 AM (6 minutes before the legal shooting time of 6:29 AM). Also, firearms must be unloaded while traveling to and from the field.
  2. All hunters must have proper licensing/HIP certification and abide by the 15 bird limit.
  3. No firearms can have the capacity to hold more than three shells.
  4. No alcohol or drugs are permitted
  5. No cleaning birds in the dove field.
  6. All groups must remain approximately 50 yards away from adjacent hunting groups.
  7. All youth hunters (under the age of 16) must hunt with their licensed parent/guardian.
  8. All hunters must clean up their trash/spent shells.
  9. No shooting at low birds.
  10. You may come and go as you please – your green wrist band serves as your entry pass/written permission to hunt on September 5th.
  11. All dogs must be under control at all times.
  12. Legal shooting time ends at 7:45 PM
  13. Any unsportsmanlike conduct or unsafe behavior will result in permission revocation without refund.
  14. Harvesting of non-game species or species other than doves, whether intentional or otherwise, will result in immediate permission revocation without refund.
  15. Make every effort to retrieve downed birds. Wanton waste is illegal.
  16. You will be given one warning for unsafe conduct with your firearm (low birds/muzzle sweeping other hunters, etc.). If you continue to demonstrate unsafe firearm handling you will be escorted from the field with no refund.
  17. Hunters with youth: please ensure you are in control of your hunting partner and that they are demonstrating safe firearm handling at all times. You must be seated together at a single spot.
  18. If you take your limit of birds, then continue to harvest additional birds, you will be escorted from the field, no refund. Obviously, some spots will be better than others, spots will be on a first come basis, and you may move at any time a spot becomes available. You must be present at your spot in order to keep it. Reserving locations with stools/bags is not allowed.
  19. Please have a great time hunting and fellowshipping with our group. We wish you the best of luck and hope that everyone has a phenomenal hunt. If you have any needs during your hunt you may contact your group leader for assistance. Be courteous to other hunters, rude behavior will not be tolerated, you will be escorted from the field without refund. Please be courteous to your hosts, we have made every effort to provide a quality opportunity, and proceeds from this hunt go directly to conservation work in the region. Every effort has been made to ensure the habitat quality is exceptional for doves, however we cannot guarantee harvests. This hunt is 100% fair chase of a migratory game bird.

Thank you for supporting Three Rivers Land Trust! If you have any questions about the 2020 Dove Hunts, please email or call 704-647-0302