Cultivating Lives Through Conservation



Connect a life to conservation…and change it forever

what is your conservation story?

Our connection to farmland starts somewhere. Whether it is from the food you eat, the clothes that you wear, or the farmers who steward the land, we are all connected to farmland. The men and women who are stewards of the farmland that provides for us also have their very own stories. Each story is unique, but each ends the same way- they provide for family and strangers alike. To learn more about how local farmers in you region are directly connected to you, click the button below. 

supporting local conservation

When you choose to support our year end campaign, your gift is put straight to work, protecting those natural areas and rural landscapes we love. Family farms will remain in the family, building a legacy of providing food for our communities. With your support, our rivers and streams will remain clean as we conserve the delicate riparian areas that surround them. Every one has a story, a story that evokes memories of fall mornings in the woods or summer days spent exploring the outdoors. By giving today, your donation will ensure that the generations to follow will have the same opportunity to create their own conservation story.

Connected to the Land

Since 1995, Three Rivers Land Trust has conserved over 40,000 acres across the Piedmont and Sandhills. This includes 283 miles of river and stream footage that protects our drinking water and 15,732 acres of fertile farmland that produces goods and foods our community need. And with 5,714 acres transferred to the public, we are ensuring you will always be connected to the land.

Help us reach our year end goal that will be put straight to work conserving our rural landscapes, family farms, and vital natural resources. By donating, you are making a pledge to ensure these lands stay intact forever, not just for yourself but for generations to come.