Three Rivers Land Trust is seeking to expand conservation efforts along the Deep River in Northern Moore County. The Deep River has long been a focal area of conservation efforts for Three Rivers Land Trust, having conserved more than 2,000 acres along the river.

As a native of Montgomery County, Emily Callicutt, Land Protection Specialist, is passionate about seeing land in the region protected.  “Seeing the lands that I was able to enjoy growing up conserved for future generations has always been a personal goal of mine,” Emily remarked.  “I hope that by working to conserve lands along the Deep River that the scenic views will be maintained for the enjoyment of paddlers and boaters while protecting the water quality of the region and rare species found within it.”

The most recent conservation project on the Deep River took place in March of 2020, permanently protecting an 89-acre property along the river through a conservation easement. Speaking about the project, Crystal Cockman, Director of Conservation and a Moore County native, stated “This section of the Deep River is particularly important from a water quality and a recreation perspective, and we are glad to see another property here permanently protected.” “The Deep River is a high-quality watershed with several rare aquatic species found in the stream,” expressed Crystal. “By conserving this property, we are protecting important wildlife habitat in the increasingly-fragmented Sandhills region.”

There is conservation funding available to potentially purchase conservation easements along the Deep River. “The primary purpose of easements along the river will be to permanently protect the natural resources that the Deep River provides,” stated Emily Callicutt.  Conservation easements are legal documents that permanently protect a property from development while allowing a landowner to continue to live, use, and pass the land on to heirs.

Property owners with an interest in conservation are invited to contact Emily Callicutt, Land Protection Specialist, at 910-220-0402 or

To become a member and support TRLT in their conservation mission, please contact Michael Fulk, Associate Director, at 704-647-0302 or