November 19, 2021

Three Rivers Land Trust has a commitment to public access and with their most recent project, there will be 8.08 more acres available to the public. Located in Montgomery County, this property will become part of the Badin Lake Recreation Area when the property is transferred to the Unites States Forest Service (USFS).

The Uwharrie National Forest is one of the smallest, most fragmented, and newest national forests in the country. In fact, the amount of land available to the public within its proclamation boundary is only 24%. Three Rivers Land Trust is committed to making strategic connections and filling inholdings to make this a more user friendly and publicly accessible forest.

Three Rivers has transferred over 8,000 acres to the public for recreation, and this project acreage will proudly be added to that total. This project is unique, as the Wolf Den Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) trail runs through it, which is part of the 17 miles of 4-wheel drive trails in the Badin Lake OHV Trail complex in the Uwharrie National Forest. “With this section being known as an easier portion the trail system, it is a great starting point and is often a family’s first introduction to the Uwharrie National Forest,” stated Chris Cagle, owner of Eldorado Outpost. “Recreation use for the Wolf Den area of the forest continues to build, and being able to open and encourage use into multiple areas of the Uwharries allows a greater user experience for all,” commented Cagle.

Three Rivers Land Trust Associate Director, Crystal Cockman, was elated with the conservation of the 8 acres. “Projects like these take an extended period of time, but are well worth it. Providing both locals and visitors of the Uwharries with plenty of space to recreate is a goal of ours and this project helps us achieve just that,” stated Cockman.

“At Three Rivers Land Trust, we have an emphasis on public access,” stated TRLT Executive Director Travis Morehead. “With the eventual transfer of this property to the US Forest Service, there will be an additional 8 acres for the public to enjoy. Any time spent outdoors enjoying our natural landscapes is valuable. Whether that is hiking or off-roading, we are thrilled to get people outdoors and help provide the spaces for it.”

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