The LandTrust is excited to announce that Part 2 of our race series will be on the Pee Dee River on September 8th! A recreation flow release will take place on this date as well, so there should be a steady flow of water on the river. More details regarding start and finish points will be posted soon!

Participants will have the option to pay an entry fee of $35 (without a t-shirt) or $50 (with a t-shirt) and must bring their own boat.

For more information, contact LandTrust staff at 704-647-0302 or



Part 1 of our Three Rivers Canoe and Kayak Series was a huge success! Thanks to everyone who came out and paddled the Uwharrie River with us. Here is a list of the completion times:

Kayak Times
Lee Jones 1:04:14
Scott Weaver 1:17:03
Thomas Martin 1:30:26
Pam Freeman 1:33:10
Brian Carney 1:38:21
James Hudson 1:38:31
Shannon Beamon 1:40:49
Luke Privette 1:40:52
James Rich 1:45:39
Bob Simons 2:03:03
David Mills 2:11:26
Samesa Goodson 2:29:10
Hal Goodson 2:29:42
Jeff Greer 2:51:12
Lisa Greer 2:51:42
Tyler Dean 2:55:38
Vincent Donovan 2:55:44
Romaine Brown 2:56:51
Thomas Bowers 3:11:25
Todd Bowers & Junior Bowers 3:11:52
Allison Talley 3:12:01
Canoe Times
Jeff and Carlean Gobble 1:16:34
Aaron Hall & Aaron Libby 1:23:26
Sawyer Russell & Mitch Bollag 1:40:04
Elizabeth Leland and Luke Largess 1:43:28
Heath LuQuire & Matthew Esposito 1:58:04