UntitledJim Moon and son John Chapman donated a conservation easement on their special property in Davidson County earlier this year. This 50-acre property boasts an old growth hardwood forest and is across the river from Cooleemee Plantation, The LandTrust’s first conservation easement. While out doing the baseline report in early spring, staff stumbled upon a large and healthy patch of skunk cabbage on the property. This is more of a northern species and so here it is at the southern edge of its range. The only other place it is known from in The LandTrust’s ten counties is on the Pee Dee National Wildlife Refuge in Richmond County.

In addition to the significant natural features found on the Untitled2property, the site is also home to the Asolare Fine Arts Foundation which helps a great number of new and up and coming artists get their start with showings and displays. The property is also used as an artist’s retreat. There are numerous great events hosted on the property throughout the year.

Thanks to Jim and John for their conservation easement donation protecting this special property and for all their work to preserve and enhance our natural and cultural heritage in Piedmont North Carolina.