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David Craft is the Uwharrie TrailBlazers steering committee chairperson as of December 2014. David has been instrumental in reconnecting the Uwharrie Trail. As Joe Moffat’s health declined so did the length of the Uwharrie Trail.  There were major gaps not held as public lands, with no permission to cross.  Something was needed to reconnect the trail for its users. David was indefatigable. When the issue would drop from people’s minds there was David reminding them this was worth doing.   When asked why this was so important to David he said  “I have such great memories of hiking the Uwharrie Trail with giants like my father and Joe Moffitt.  To restore this trail to it’s fullest potential is an honor.  I hiked the full length of the Uwharrie Trail numerous times in the late seventies and early eighties. I remember hiking over King and Little Long Mountains, two remote and underused parts of the National Forest. In the late nineties I returned to the area with the Scouts for more 50 milers. We tried to piece the route back together but could not. Thanks to the efforts of The Land Trust and Jeff Michael, Kevin Redding, Crystal Cockman and others, we made significant progress in opening up the historic length of the Uwharrie Trail. There is more to come and I could not think of a better group to work with.”