Dr. Robert Nesbit and Mary Gail Nesbit have been seeking ways to conserve Mary Gail’s family land in Davidson County for several years. Which is why their donation of a conservation easement in 2012 is a major accomplishment in their goals of ensuring that the family property will look nearly the same as it does today a century from now. The parcel is located within a mile of “downtown Welcome, NC.” It is home to a mature hardwood forest that provides an oasis, of sorts, to the urbanization surrounding it.

The property is traversed on two sides by primary roads. Several apartments are located adjacent. And commercial development is located within a few hundred yards. Yet, when standing in the middle of the Nesbit Preserve, one can nary tell that civilization exists within an hours’ drive. Truly, it is a very special property located in the midst of increasing development. Rolling hills, 100-year-old hardwood trees, wet-weather streams, and a small cabin make this property seem like a relic from times gone by.

Owner Mary Gail Nesbit noted, “We have done everything we can to ensure that my family’s property remain a contributing property to the ecological and cultural landscape of this special community. With the donation of this conservation easement, we feel like we have done everything we can to try to protect all that is special about our family’s land for future generations to enjoy.”