The LandTrust is very pleased to announce that the  last gap in the Uwharrie Trail in Montgomery County is one step closer to being filled. The LandTrust had to act quickly to purchase Little Long Mountain, a one‐ofa‐kind property that was a “must‐have” in order to complete the formerly 40‐mile‐long Uwharrie Trail. Although this property has been temporarily secured, the purchase was made with seller financing and we are seeking funds to pay off the outstanding deed of trust so that we can get this property into formal public ownership.

This 250‐acre property houses the peak of Little Long Mountain, boasts unique panoramic views of the Uwharrie Mountains, possesses a rare glade community, buffers the “outstanding resource waters” of Poison Fork, and is home to timber rattlesnake, box turtles, and many other neat plants and animals.

Now that The LandTrust has control of this property, we are one step closer to reconnecting the trail. With one other willing seller of a small parcel in Randolph County we could develop a new trailhead on High Pine Church Road and add another seven miles to the existing trail.

By securing Little Long Mountain alone, however, we can begin to rebuild the trail and immediately add nearly six miles of new trail through the use of existing dirt roads.

The LandTrust is forming a committee to get the trail on the ground and welcome volunteer help, both in fundraising to finish the property purchase and to develop the trail. If you want to get involved, please contact us at 704‐647‐0302 or by email at More information on this important project coming soon!