92 acres Conservation Easement

A farmland preservation triumph was achieved on the border of Cabarrus and Union County with the permanent protection of the Williams Farm. The Williams Family’s 92 acre tract has seen a successful rotation of wheat, cotton, and soybeans in recent years and is part of a still strong agricultural community.

By placing a protective conservation easement on their farm, the Williams Family will have peace of mind knowing that the farm will stay intact for generations to come. The William’s Farm was the second project to be completed in the immediate area as it lays just a ¼ mile from the previously protected 317 acre John Bunyan Green Farm.

“It seems that the idea of permanent farmland protection is taking hold in that community” said Andy Abramson, LandTrust Director of Land Protection. “Certainly the greatest benefit will be experienced when more landowners in a given region protect their land from excessive development and retain the rural quality and integrity.” To this end, the Williams Family has several other large tracts within the area and are considering protecting them in the future as well.

The Williams Farm not only is a fine example of farmland preservation, but with the protective measures placed on it, the farm will also go a long way to insuring protected water quality. With over 2000 feet of frontage along Clear Creek just before its confluence with the Rocky River, the established buffer contained within the easement will insure that impurities and excessive storm flow do not contribute to creek and river pollution or alteration. The farm will also continue to serve as the seasonal home to numerous species of migratory birds as well as provide warm pastoral views for passersby strolling down the windy country road which runs adjacent to the farm.

Considering the tremendous impact urban growth felt just a few short miles away, The LandTrust and the region as a whole are very fortunate to have the Williams Family so graciously protect their farm. We look forward to a long and rich relationship with both Mr. and Mrs. Williams and their two fine children who are equally concerned stewards of the land.